6 years ago, I was out for the count, stuck in a rut, depressed and living in what felt like a never-ending groundhog day. Ironically, I was making the most money I have ever made career wise, but I was miserable. Stuck, depressed, frustrated, and looking for a change, I found myself looking inward and asking why. There has to be more to life than this, I couldn’t have peaked at 28! Why was I going through this? I should be grateful and happy. Believe me, I knew I had stability, but it wasn’t that I was chasing, I was chasing happiness. I felt like the world was crumbling around me. My personal relationships were failing, but more importantly I hated the person I saw in the mirror; physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s when I knew I needed a change.
There I was starring in the mirror thinking about my life and ready to hit the reset button at 28. What do I do? Where do I go? How do I make this change? Holy shit, am I really going to do this? All of these questions continued to play over and over in my head, but I knew what it was. ONE WORD: FEAR. This change was far from easy. It felt very uncomfortable and made me question myself daily, but one thing I didn’t question was my happiness. I knew WHY I wanted this. I wanted to find a career that I could enjoy, be proud of and leave a lasting legacy for my future family.
Below are the steps that I personally did to rejuvenate and find my passion. Each of these were new, uncomfortable and awkward in the beginning. Although fear and unknown were hidden behind my eyes with each step, these critical points you will begin to read were life changing and pivotal in the development to the start of S4 Search Partners!
1.Put Your Mask on First: If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you will never be able to help people around you. This was a big lesson I learned in the beginning. Don’t you notice when you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant will demonstrate and reiterate to put your mask on first prior to helping anyone else? This isn’t selfish, this is self-care: fitness routines, sleeping, eating clean foods and drinking water are all things that will help with clarity of the mind, body and spirit.
2.Stimulation Idea List: I first started to write down ideas. I would write down all the things I loved doing throughout my life (whether I was getting paid for it or not). These included hobbies, creative ideas and goals that stimulated my brain and enhanced my creativity. I then would circle my 3 best ideas and hyper focus on those.
3.Meditation: I let it become a daily routine. I literally would go sit in my car at the parking lot of my old job during lunch and utilize the meditations from Deepak Chopra. I started off with the free 21-day experience and it grew from there.
4.Reading: Helped change my perspective and mindset. After listening to various podcasts and watching interviews of several successful celebrities, entrepreneurs and world influencers, I noticed they had one thing in common: they all never stopped reading and learning! The first book I picked up was Tim Ferris’s, The 4-hour work week. It then spiraled from there, and fast forward to today: I have a library of books. From hardcovers to Audio versions and Podcasts in my car.
5.Mind Mapping: Helped drive me to implement my stimulation idea list into actions- it helps your WHY and trigger point become clear developed long-term, short-term and daily goals. Mind mapping to me is an amazing tool, it gets you to look inward and onward into what you truly want out of life. To quote a mentor, “it’s moving the chains daily.”
6.Deadlines Are Lifelines: Writing down a deadline and holding yourself accountable is the biggest growth you can have. I would relate it to the NFL playoffs, you win one game, you get a chance to play another. In life, I would hit one particular deadline and it would allow me another lifeline to continue to grow.
These 6 Steps are what allowed me to grow and make the biggest impact and change in my life. As we are all noticing recently, within today’s current world, things can change fast, and you can get lost in the shuffle, overwhelmed and depressed. You have the power to make any change you want; it all comes down to the person you see in the mirror daily.
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