I would like to know, in all honesty, what is everyone thinking and feeling right now? Those of you that are working from home for the first time in your careers, are you enjoying it? Do you now wish you could go back to normal and that the grass is not always greener or perhaps you’re living the dream?

Small business owners, did you get your PPP funding and a welcome sigh of relief along with it? If not, are you absolutely appalled that you’re left out in the cold with little to no communication, assistance or direction?
Meanwhile, companies like Union Square Hospitality, who generate on average 100mm in annual revenue, received 10mm in funding even though they were able to raise money through an equity transaction in the public markets, a benefit small business owners just don’t have.

How about all the people that have been on lockdown for the last month or so? Are you feeling all the effects of cabin fever and don’t even care about the virus anymore, you just need to get out and feel some level of normal? Or perhaps you are in the camp that doesn’t even believe the virus is real?

Whether it’s one or all of these things you are currently experiencing, it’s important to remember, we are all in this together. You shouldn’t feel the FOMO effect because everyone is in the same boat. No one is missing out on anything because no one is doing anything, so, we are all missing everything instead.

The world wasn’t ready for this, any of it. We have talked about it, thought on it, even pretended to act on it at times, but regardless of what we thought could happen, we failed to prepare for what did happen. In our history, there were many similar occasions where we looked back and as Monday morning quarterbacks, thought about what we could have done differently and vowed never to mess up again. 

I think being proactive is a fundamental flaw that we all have on some level, maybe we like the drama and excitement of fear and uncertainty, even if we hate it when it actually kicks us in the teeth on some day that ends in Y. Let’s just accept that we will keep making mistakes and finding clever ways of getting ourselves out of trouble, because perhaps that’s just more fun than having a certain path.

I admit, there have been many times where I had a really long night of drinking where I vowed never to drink again if my head would just stop spinning, only to drink the following weekend. We just seem to forget and not learn our lessons, and that’s ok; it’s what makes us human after all. 

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